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Chescombe Trust was formed in 1991 by a group of parents seeking an adult residential provision for their children all of whom had a severe Learning Disability. These children were pupils of St Christopher’s school, which provided a specialist service based upon Anthroposophoical principles, located in the suburbs of Bristol.

These parents had searched throughout the country for a suitable residential service for their children as they moved into adulthood. Finding nothing suitable they grouped together and decided to establish a charitable trust of their own. They aimed to develop a registered home that would deliver the security, care and support their children would need as adults

The Trust purchased a building from St Christopher’s school and established Chescombe Lodge.  The Trustees  also employed many of the staff who had previously worked with their children while they were pupils at St Christopher’s  school. This offered considerable depth of personal knowledge and continuity of care for the residents who would be also be supported by a familiarity of location.

After a massive effort by the parents and staff, Chescombe Lodge opened in August 1991. The following years were exciting and challenging. An extensive fund raising programme was very successful and a massive refurbishment of the Lodge was undertaken.

As individuals matured and developed and new people came to live within the Trust it became obvious that changes had to be made to meet the predicted future needs of the service users. After considering, but having to reject, the possibility of redesigning the interior of the Lodge the decision was taken to purchase a plot of land.  We would then build a provision that would aspire to meet the residents far ranging current needs and create an environment that would be flexible and supportive far into the future.

In 2006 we identified a plot of land in Patchway, Bristol that would be suitable for our needs. There followed many months of bureaucratic wrangling and in October 2009, with the required Planning consent in place, we purchased the land and instructed our builder to proceed.


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